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The Tenacious: The sailboat that promotes the integration of disabled people

With Barbara Campbell as captain in command of the entire crew, the Tenacious has been the scene for 18 years, giving disabled people the opportunity to learn to sail and enjoy the sea in all its splendor.

And it is that the ship has everything necessary so that these can move with total normality, and what is still better, participate in the navigation and activities of the ship.

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More than 5000 people and a new tradition for the Port of Vigo

Tras convertirse en el plan escogido por más de 5000 personas durante este fin de semana, el Kruzenshtern se despedía ayer a las seis de la tarde del puerto vigués.

La visita del velero ruso supuso además un momento a recordar para el Puerto de Vigo, que durante la entrega de metopas entregó también al Capitán una camiseta del Celta, iniciando una tradición que se continuará en futuras entregas de metopas.

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The third largest school ship in the world in the port of Vigo

Almost seven years after its last visit, on 16th March, the third largest school ship in the world, the great Kruzenshtern, will return to Vigo harbor, thanks to the work of the Traslatio Foundation, one of whose objectives is making Vigo a must-attend stopover for large sailboats, given its excellent geographical location, the safety of the estuary, and the good location of the port in the center of the city, which makes it easier for all those who wish to admire and visit a part of the history of navigation.

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