The Tenacious: The sailboat that promotes the integration of disabled people

With Barbara Campbell as captain in command of the entire crew, the Tenacious has been the scene for 18 years, giving disabled people the opportunity to learn to sail and enjoy the sea in all its splendor.

And it is that the ship has everything necessary so that these can move with total normality, and what is still better, participate in the navigation and activities of the ship.

The Tenacious is equipped with elevators, signs in Braille, security measures that guarantee the stability of wheelchairs, adapted bathrooms and cabins, sound scoreboard of the course and even a rudder that guarantees to be navigated by anyone thanks to its lever that allows rule it with just one finger.

It usually takes about 20 people with physical or mental disabilities on board, but the fact that this trip is so long, reduces the number of the current crew.

After touring the world and navigating the waters of Panama, Australia and New Zealand among others for the past three years, the big sailing vessel plans to return to the UK this summer.

In the Traslatio Foundation we want to give visibility to this type of boats, so together with the Port of Vigo, we have managed to get the sailboat open her doors to the public also this afternoon, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, free of charge; so we recommend to all those who find you in the olive city that you come to know a little more about the great history that surrounds the Tenacious.