Route Iacobus Maris 2021


Route Iacobus Maris 2021

The longest maritime pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in history.

Route Iacobus Maris 2021 will consist of 5 weeks of navigation between the months of June and July 2021, coinciding with the Holy Year, visiting cities loaded with history. It will depart from the Italian port of Genoa, with stopovers in Sète (France), Valencia, Seville (Spain) and Porto (Portugal), and the maritime part of the route will finish in Vigo (Spain).

Finally, and in order to earn the accreditation of the Jacobean pilgrimage, a day will be dedicated to visit Santiago de Compostela and its thousand-year-old Cathedral. Although it was initially planned so, it has been ruled out to start the route in Israel for navigation safety reasons.

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A unique experience, a unique pilgrimage

All the boats participating in the Route Iacobus Maris admit passengers, in the category of "trainees": as apprentices of great seamen, helping during the sailing, performing maneuvers on deck, maintenance tasks, guards and other traditional tasks of life on board.

Young students

From the Traslatio Foundation we try to involve universities in the visited cities – and in others that wish to do so - to elaborate a training program related to the knowledge of the marine environment: oceanography, marine biology, ecology of the marine environment, engineering ... or any another discipline that has to do with the knowledge, research and conservation of the seas. We think that teaching at sea will provide the training with a high added value. If you are a student, this will be an experience that you will not forget, and that you can add to your cv.

Travelers looking for a different pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

The Route Iacobus Maris also admits private passengers, in the same regime as the "trainees". You can be a participant in the longest maritime pilgrimage in the world.

Earn the Compostela, your accreditation, like any other pilgrim

All this within a pilgrimage that will end in Santiago de Compostela, obtaining the Compostela, and with all the attractions of the programmed stops in different ports, discovering other cities, other languages, customs and people.

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Génova – Sète – Valencia – Sevilla – Oporto – Vigo – Santiago


Sailing Boats


Sailing boats already confirmed or that have shown a great interest