The Shtandart: another maritime jewel in the Port of Vigo

For the fourth time in the last two years, the frigate Shtandart, replica of the first ship of the Baltic fleet, will visit the city of Vigo during the weekend of April 20 to 23.

The school ship, which is currently engaged in sailing around Europe instructing crewmembers of all ages, will arrive at the Port of Vigo on the 20th at six in the afternoon.

The captain of the boat encourages the people of Vigo to visit it and learn about her history, so it will be open to the public for free on Saturday and Sunday, from three to seven in the afternoon on the transatlantic wharf.

In the Foundation we continue working so that the inhabitants of the olive city can enjoy, with more and more frequency, the marine jewels that like the Shtandart sail the ocean.