The Vatican formally supports the Traslatio Foundation project

In order to know the answer of the Vatican on the project “Route Traslatio 2021”, this morning took place the meeting between Bishop D. Luis Quinteiro, Celso González and Mario Cardama -director and president of the Foundation-.

The fact that the project counted on the support of the Church was fundamental, since the Route is aimed at recreating the Traslatio of the remains of Saint James the Apostle to Compostela hundreds of years ago.

Traslatio Foundation also works to make it a cultural event. The Tall Ship´s largest maritime route ever organized. Through it, young people from different countries will participate in an unforgettable experience in which in addition to training on maritime culture, they will be able to visit some of the ports of the countries visited in the Traslatio, such as Genoa, Sète, Porto or Vigo.  

The procedures with the ecclesiastical sector began some time ago, counting from the very beginning with the support of D. Luis, Bishop of Tui-Vigo and also the Spanish Episcopal Conference Promoter of the Apostleship of the Sea - dedicated to the seamen and their families-.

He put all the necessary means to get the initiative to the Holy See. To do this, he contacted one of the FAO representatives in the Vatican and, after having arranged a meeting with him and the Foundation's management, they both managed to present the project to the Dicastery for the Integral Human Development Service.

With the positive answer of the Dicastery, Bishop D. Luís delivered today to the president of the Foundation the letter by which the Vatican formally shows its support for the Route Traslatio 2021.

The Bishop D. Luís, Celso González and Mario Cardama in a meeting. 

The Bishop D. Luís, Celso González and Mario Cardama in a meeting.