The first Spanish city to know the discovery of America

From the Lima river to the cold and Atlantic waters of Baiona. There we will celebrate the penultimate stop of the Ruta do Cabaleiro, and we will discover all the history that surrounds it.

The reasons that make the coastal city a destination to visit are many and varied, but there is one of them that made us choose it as a mandatory stop.

And it is not the wonderful views that we can enjoy from its cliffs, but the historical fact that left it marked for life: the arrival of the caravel Pinta to its waters.

Although at first the intention was for the caravel to dock at the port where Christopher Columbus started the journey - port of Palos de la Frontera - a storm in the Azores caused the group to split up and be forced to dock in different ports .

The destination chosen by the captain of the Pinta was Baiona; and his boat was the first to arrive in Spain and to give the news of the discovery of America and some of its products.

After fixing the damage suffered by the ship and stocking supplies, the Pinta left Baiona to continue its journey and go to its initial destination.

On the occasion of the historic event, Baiona celebrates the arrival of the sailboat every year. The coined Fiesta de la Arribada, and is considered a festival of International Tourist Interest.

During the three days of its celebration, visitors who come to Baiona delight in endless interesting activities such as knight training, the medieval market, concerts, exhibitions ...

Baiona also gives us the opportunity to feel like sailors for a few minutes and immerse ourselves in its history thanks to the construction of the replica of the boat they made with the commemoration of the V centenary of the discovery of America.

The caravel is recreated just as it arrived in Baiona in 1943, and inside it even has reproductions of metals, plants and animals discovered in America.

The Ruta do Cabaleiro will surprise your pilgrims seamen very much this time!

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