The big sailing ship that instructs students around the world, no matter their age: the Pelican of London

This week the Port of Vigo had one of the most beautiful and famous sailboats in the world, the great Pelican of London.

During your stay, there were many who came to you curious to know a little more about him; and how could it be otherwise, not only have we not been less, but we have also made sure that you know everything about their adventures at sea.

The ship stands out for its training activity, so this year in addition to its usual crew, has nothing more and nothing less than 30 students, between 14 and 19 years, and 5 mentors; the majority of German, Swiss and Austrian nationality.

His adventure, which will last one semester academic, began in Dublin only 14 days ago, and after 5 days without seeing land, has set as the first of its destinations the largest of the Galician cities.

During their days at sea, students live in their own skin the life of a sailor in all its facets, and learn to do absolutely all their tasks. In the Pelican of London they are one more, and this implies a great responsibility, but also a huge satisfaction.

The students hoist sails, tie ropes, participate in docking maneuvers, write the logbook, perform guards, cook, clean and even manage the sailboat. Together they live what, as one of them told us, is the experience of their lives.

Every morning, at 1:00 PM, the entire crew gathers and the daily tasks are distributed. That is the only time when there is no one sleeping on the ship. During the rest of the day, they take turns; so that those who stand guard at night can rest during the day and vice versa.

At the Pelican of London, safety is always your biggest concern. The ship has life vests for everyone, and four emergency rafts, located first in the central part of the boat and the second on both sides.

These days we asked you in our social networks if you knew it was the table of guards. This is useful to know, when the ship docks in a port, the exact number of people on board at each moment. When one of the members wants to go ashore, he must move the box so that, in case of emergency, the other members know that he is not in the boat.

The next destination of the sailboat will be Tenerife, which will be followed by Cape Verde and then go, with a prediction of 14 days crossing the Atlantic, to the idyllic Caribbean.

And we end our post with a news that we are sure you will love. The Pelican of London has already shown its interest in participating in the Ruta Traslatio 2021. Why are we going to tell you more if you can be the protagonists of your next adventure?

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