We bet on sailing

It is almost impossible to encrypt the number of pilgrims who since the ninth century have traveled hundreds of kilometers to reach the Cathedral of Santiago and complete what more and more people consider an experience that must be lived at least once in life.

On the way to the X edition of the O Cabaleiro das Cunchas Maritime Route, we look back and realize the countless good times that the Route and the sailing have given us, and we can not do anything but invite you to continue sharing them with you.

The maritime journey is, without a doubt, the most daring variant of the Camino and, as you well know, our favorite; and it is that every year he surprises us and teaches us new things.

The illusion of closing each of the stages and gradually filling the pages of the Compostela with stamps; to know oneself better, and also others; go through dozens of unknown places; share everything and, above all, enjoy one of the most beautiful things that Galicians can boast: our coast.

Teamwork, union, group feeling. It would be impossible to talk about the Camino a vela without them, and that is precisely what makes it so special. The fact that the crew of each of the boats is always ready to help the one next door, and that all together put an end to each stage by meeting and knowing the different destinations that the trip gives you.

Learn from those who know best. Each edition brings with it more young people, some already immersed in the world of navigation, but also adventurers who participate, for the first time in such a long journey.

During the pilgrimage, they learn to make sailor knots, place defenses, hoist sails, write the logbook ... The perfect opportunity to be a pilgrim and sailor at the same time, to enjoy the waves and the sea, to feel Galicia in its purest state.

Can you imagine a pilgrimage that every day gives you stamps like this one?

Captura de pantalla 2018-11-06 a las 0.03.00.png

We can not have more desire of that X edition, that we continue preparing with the illusion of always, so that you can enjoy many more like this one, of which you will be protagonists.

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