The Lord Nelson, fulfilling dreams since 1985

As the Tenacious, of which we have already spoken in another publication, the Lord Nelson is another of the great landmarks in the world of navigation. Both have in common the ability to fulfill the dream of many sailors whose physical condition does not allow them to navigate in other types of boats, getting them to live the sea 100%, without any type of restriction. Its objective is clear: equal conditions at sea, equal treatment.

The sailboat, owned by the Jubilee Sail Training Trust, was built in 1985 in the United Kingdom; and since then it has not stopped surfing and offering the most diverse and complete programs. And so much so that since that time, more than 12,000 people with physical disabilities and 5,000 wheelchair users have been part of its crew.

The data is justified with the enormous adaptation of the boat for it, which includes wheelchair access throughout the boat, a special protection against damp cold, a voice compass that allows blind people to steer the boat or power steering for sailors with little force among others.

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Another factor that differentiates Lord Nelson from the rest is the enormous variety of his programs, which range from offering small trips of several days or a week, to enormous crossings around the ocean with a duration that sometimes exceeds two months.

The sailboat makes its sailing training program an experience in which the companions become family during a journey in which everyone has to participate and work as a team to bring the ship to a successful conclusion. Responsibility, collaboration, learning and above all a lot of fun.

To the most curious we anticipate that it is very possible that the large sailing ship docks in the Port of Vigo in the coming days. Who would you like him to open his doors to the public and be able to meet him in person?

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