First confirmation of the longest sea route ever organized

The end of 2018 is approaching and with it we are also one step closer to what will be the longest maritime pilgrimage ever organized.

Three years after the Ruta Traslatio 2021, at the Foundation we did not stop working to make that journey something to remember. And yes, there are still three years left, but a pilgrimage of this caliber requires all our efforts so that the event becomes the most important in the world of the maritime pilgrimage so far.

As always, we like to keep abreast of all our movements, so today we tell you in scoop one of our first confirmations: the Shtandart.

And what is more important, we put you in context. The Shtandart was the first frigate of the Baltic fleet. It was built in 1703 and, after participating in numerous military actions suffered such deterioration that its restoration was necessary.

The sailboat was scrapped, and about 300 years later, in 1994, a group of enthusiasts from St. Petersburg began the construction of its replica. Everything we can see above the main deck is totally true to its original design, while the winery is much more modern; and the fact that it was rebuilt so recently led to the combination of old methods of shipbuilding with the most advanced technologies in the sector.

Nowadays, the big sailing ship dedicates its time to endless activities, in which both children and adults can take part. During the spring, summer and autumn it is dedicated to sailing from port to port participating in numerous events and festivals at sea, always lending to open its doors to the public and share its charms with it.

In addition, it also has several navigation programs open that allow its public to join the adventure, either in a journey of only half a day or on a long distance trip between cities and ports of different countries.

It is a very inclusive and receptive boat, always ready to face new challenges. So much so that his website is willing to participate in the filming of films or other activities that can help, and encourages visitors to propose any idea that may involve a new opportunity for both.

Do you think of any better than participating in the Ruta Traslatio 2021 and immerse yourself in the adventure of your lives with him?

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Fundacion Traslatio