The Gil Eannes and other charms of Viana do Castelo

The fourth stop of our journey takes us to the mouth of the river Lima, ready to dock in the huge port of Viana do Castelo and discover its charms of those who talk so much.

Indeed, and despite being many who characterize it, it is the ship Gil Eannes that has managed to get our attention the most.

The historic ship that was the flagship of the Portuguese 'frota branca' of cod fishing in Greenland and Newfoundland waters for 18 years, was rescued by the Municipal Chamber of Viana do Castelo when in 1997 it was announced its sale for scrapping.

During those years, in addition to performing the tasks of a hospital ship, the Gil Eannes carried out tasks of maritime authority, mail ship, tugboat, and icebreaker; even reaching supply tasks to other ships in the fleet.

Currently, restored and visitable, the ship is located in the port of the city functioning as a museum and youth hostel. A boat full of history and secrets that the Portuguese have decided to share with tourists who come to spend the day on their land.

The fishing port gives us the opportunity to see its boats go for a walk and makes us share in its traditional union with the sea, allowing us to enjoy its privileged geographical situation.

And if you are loyal fans of the world of fashion, you can not miss the visit to the Museum of Costume, where you can delight with an interesting display of traditional clothing with which formerly were the fishing and collection of seaweed in this Portuguese area .

On the other hand, located inside one of the churches of the city and being a landmark for fishermen, is the Virgin of the Agony, who every August 20 goes out to bless the sea with one of its beautiful typical costumes.

The sea always brings with it the stories and legends that we like the most, and maybe that is the reason why we like Viana do Castelo so much.

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