Vila Nova de Gaia: A destination starring by its bridges

Separated from Porto by the most important river of the Portuguese northwest, and united by the six historical bridges that communicate them; Vila Nova de Gaia has become a city of enormous tourist attraction for the neighboring country.

Although at first there were seven, the lack of use of some of them, such as the Ponte das Barcas, caused them to be replaced by the current ones, leaving a small trail that reminds us how cities were initially communicated.

Don Luis I, the best known, is the fastest way to move to Porto; and the perfect place to observe the Douro in all its splendor from the heights. Pedestrians and the yellow subway line pass by, and below it is enabled for the use of vehicles.

Although to enjoy the city from the heights, nothing better than the Gaia cable car, which during its five minutes of crossing delights us with the reddish roofs of the famous Portuguese wineries and their colorful houses.

The pier, its colorful boats, the Calem cellars, its cobbled streets ... The third stop of the Traditional Route will transport our pilgrims to the heart of the Portuguese north to make them live together endless moments together.

In addition, proximity to Porto makes Vila Nova de Gaia an ideal destination to enjoy both without the need to have much time, staying with the best of each.

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