The Ruta do Cabaleiro will be filled with color in Aveiro

Known as the Portuguese Venice, the city of Aveiro has a special charm that makes it a must stop in the journey that will take our pilgrims sailors to Compostela. And if that were not enough, he will receive them in the best of ways: with an exquisite pork on the spit.
Their moliceiros, colorful and elongated vessels in which seaweed and sargasso were transported until not many years ago, now serve to delight tourists who come to the city with a beautiful walk through its canals.

The participants of the Route will not be less, since on August 5, they will be able to enjoy a ride in moliceiro while they soak up the Portuguese culture and art.

And for culture, all that you can also learn that day in the museum of cod, which will be one of the many visits we will make when docking in different ports; or the beautiful Art Deco buildings of which the city can boast.

The city is full of buildings and monuments that are really worth visiting, such as its train station, which stands out for its impressive tiles with regional motifs; or the palheiros of the Costa Nova, which for so many years served as a refuge for the Portuguese fishermen and who are now the perfect stamp for the summer photo.

Aveiro will be loaded with many more surprises ... But to know them you will have to wait a little longer, and embark with us in the great summer event.


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