The nine-day route “Cabaleiro das Cunchas” already has a poster

After a lot of work, meetings and preparations, the Traslatio Foundation publishes the posters of the two routes Cabaleiro das Cunchas: the Traditional Route and the Sail Training Route.

With a total distance of 280 nautical miles the first and 340 the second, both routes will sail the waters of the Atlantic for nine days in August, from Friday 3rd to Sunday 12th.

Ports such as Bouzas, Póvoa, Aveiro, Vila Nova de Gaia, Vigo or Baiona will be part of an adventure that will not only take place at sea, but will be accompanied by numerous cultural visits and a programing of activities that the Foundation is closing at the moment.

O Cabaleiro das Cunchas will be a great opportunity for all those passengers who look for a unique and enriching experience at sea.